Dear Heather

No one cares, there is only one way to stop me which is from that specific family member. If you’re reading this, then good. Contact


If you read this

I will do everything in my ability to take you down. No one fucks with my family.


People say that the more you hang out with a certain person, the more you start to look like him/her.

So is this true because I looked through a recent picture of me and my boyfriend and I’m beginning to somewhat look like him, whaaat

he’s cute though so it’s okay but still what the heck

To be honest, why should I help you when you don’t do the same for me?


tip: if you ever want to talk to a girl with eyebrows and makeup on point… approach with caution.


saw Maze Runner today with my boy and omfg it was the best thing I seen all year besides Guardians of the Galaxy.

not to mention that Ki Hong Lee was in it and he was so badass which made it even better

Beginning of the semester: omg so many clubs and organizations and things I want to do, but can’t because so many hours of work

Now: Too late to join and I’m working 8-16 hours per week are you serious i have so much free time now why

" Long distance relationships have their own sense of beauty. That someone can wait days, months, or even years for someone they love who are miles or oceans away. That someone can fall deeply in love with someone and love all the moments that are shared. It doesn’t matter if someone is miles or oceans away; being loved by someone’s fullest is something so beautiful and raw. "

Never would I expect to see Canadian Youtube Rapper J-Reyez and Import Model Jenn Q at UNIQLO when I was working…

They are so cute holding hands and shit omg #otp


I hate calfornia heatwaves with a passion. Why? IT BRINGS THE BUGS IN.

Ended up with disgusting 6 bug bites and the weird thing is that they’re all on my left leg and foot WTF

so i basically have one hella clean bug-bittenless leg and the other leg is a total bug target. 

disgusting AF.