" You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy. "
*Queue from 4/13/14* Hey babe,

These 4 days will be pretty tough. Not being able to talk to you as much as I would want to sucks already just thinking about it. I already miss you after you left yesterday night ): I can’t wait for the cruise, but honestly it wouldn’t be as fun because you won’t enjoy it with me. I love you so much babe. During the 4 days, whenever you feel lonely or whenever you miss me, read this. Four days will definitely be a challenge and I believe it will make us stronger. I hope your week will be amazing until I see you again on Friday.

Since I won’t be able to say this much this week, I want to let you know I love you a lot. You make me so happy and know that I’m missing you a lot. I’ll definitely have a lot to tell you when I get back, but for now, I’ll leave it like this.

Here is my good night to you for the nights I’ll miss saying this to you: Good Night babe and I hope you had a wonderful day today. Sweet dreams and hope you’ll sleep well tonight. I hope you’re not missing me too much hehe I love you so much Josh Betito mwahh xoxo #toinfinityandbeyond


Girls need to be reassured that their significant other still sees them as their everything. That she is still the girl that one spent so much time to be with. That she is the reason why one is happy. The one who helped you up and be a better person.

She just needs to be reminded. That the boy she loves is still hers and that she still has his heart.

Don’t forget to let her know. Remind her. Show more effort than her. Make her fall for you more and more. Don’t risk the chance of losing her.



Everything I ever wanted.


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I’m a fool for believing that you’ll do the same for me when in the end, I’m the one trying too hard.

Daily Vocabulary
  1. ugh
  2. shit
  3. fuck
  4. why
  5. no